Title 56:7 Preschool Teacher
Categories Childcare
Salary 10.50
Location Fremont
Job Information

Preschool Teacher – Temp to Hire – Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm

  • Plan both long- and short-range activities in accordance with curriculum objectives, developmentally appropriate practice, and program philosophy
  • Meet the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of each child
  • Coordinate field trips
  • Prepare weekly newsletters with planned out areas of learning
  • Lead children in daily circle time, music time, and daily arts and crafts
  • Assess each child’s development and report progress to child’s parent when needed
  • Maintain daily open communication with parents
  • Ensure children get ample outside and physical activity time throughout the day (outside, playground, or gym)
  • Fill out incident/accident reports when necessary and keep a copy for child’s folder
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Report any suspect of abuse to director and call 1-800-652-1999 Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline
  • Standing/sitting for long periods of time
  • Must follow the Chain of Command when reporting information
  • Arrange a classroom environment in accordance to program goals and philosophy
  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment
  • Inspect and discard of any damaged materials
  • Attend in-service hours and all staff meetings
  • Fill out all appropriate records such as time in and out sheets, food program sheets, and Brightwheel communication
  • Meet all applicable licensing regulations
  • Ensure adherence to Title 391 Regulations and all other regulations and governing materials
  • Know and follow through with all emergency procedures
  • Exhibit positive reinforcement for achievement
  • Administer progressive, positively reinforced discipline by using the Behaven Method and Pyramid Model
  • Assist with meal times
  • Assist with center cleaning duties as assigned through Chore Chart
  • Make sure rooms are clean and in good order throughout day
  • Ensure children follow proper hand washing techniques
  • Follow proper hand washing techniques
  • Dispose of infectious materials by taking them to the dumpster
  • Any other duties assigned by Director

Job Order 56:7

Position requires Pre-Employment Drug Screen and Criminal Background

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