Title 999:2 Gearbox Assembly Temp
Categories Skilled Trade
Salary 20.00+
Location Valley
Job Information

Gearbox – Temp to Hire – 2nd and 3rd shifts available

A Brief Summary of This Position

This incumbent will work as part of dynamic team to build the best irrigation final drive Gearbox that is highly valued by customers throughout the world.  This position is an entry level position professing through four (4) levels.  Level 1 incumbents will assemble and paint gearboxes as part of the assembly line team.  As they master the assembly and paint processes, they will begin developing CNC and robotic cell operation skills that prepare them for progression.  This incumbent is responsible for maintaining a high level of quality in their own work by following established quality practices and procedures.  This incumbent will enjoy working in a fast paced, physically and mentally challenging environment.  They must have a passion for quality, and achieving goals.  They will also develop lean manufacturing skills and participating in safety, quality and process improvement activities.

Essential Functions

  • Operate air assisted lift equipment to relocate gearboxes from assembly line to paint and pallets
  • Identify abnormal processes or incorrect parts and products
  • Perform in process quality checks using various tools including torque wrenches, calipers and other measuring tools
  • Grasp small parts including bolts, screws, O rings, bearings, and races and attach them to the gearbox assembly
  • Follow safety policies and procedures including hazardous energy control and use required PPE
  • Identify safety hazards and report them using the proper systems
  • Participate in lean improvement projects
  • Maintain shop and work areas in a clean and safe environment.  This includes using the 5S methodology (sorting, straightening, shining, standardizing, and sustaining)

Required Qualifications of Every Candidate

  • Ability to safely lift up to 44 pounds repeatedly (150-512 times) throughout the shift
  • Ability to be physically active including standing, bending, lifting, and walking during the entire shift
  • Ability understand and follow verbal and written instructions in English
  • Ability to read print as small as 1/16 of an inch in size
  • Ability to work as team member and communicate well
  • Must be able to maintain concentration in a busy, noisy, distracting environment
  • Must be able to adapt to changes and challenges throughout the day
  • Ability to work over ten (10) hours a week in overtime when required for business needs

Highly Qualified Candidates Will Also Possess These Qualifications

  • High school/GED
  • Technical Certification preferred
  • Associates Degree preferred
  • Strong understanding of mechanical assembly
  • Previous machine work experience with production equipment or performing tool changes
  • CNC or robotics experience
  • Experience using calipers, micrometer, plug, thread and dial gauges

Job Order 999:2

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