Title 999:4 Outside Shipping
Categories Production/General Labor
Salary 19.95
Location Valley
Job Information

Outside Shipping –       3rd Shift Available

Manually moves freight, stock, or other materials. Loads finished tubing goods on to trucks or railcars. Understand all documents pertaining to storage, setting up and load. Maintains housekeeping in area, observes all safety rules to company standards. Understands and participates in accurate department inventory and move procedures. Reads shipping papers and recognizes pipe tubing from 1″ to 16″ OD, gauge and quality.
Basic Qualifications (Required):
o The ability to read a tape measure and micrometer
o The ability to stand 90% and bend 40% of the shift, as well as work outside
o The ability to climb onto flatbed trucks and to heights of up to 13’ 6”
o The most common frequent lifting is 20 lbs.
o The ability to accurately add, subtract, multiply and divide simple numbers
o The ability to read and understand safety, shipping orders and work process information in English.
Additional Qualifications (Required):
o The capability to operate industrial equipment such as banding equipment, forklifts, overhead cranes, side loaders, and shag trucks
o Passion and integrity with the drive to excel and deliver exceptional results
Preferred Qualifications (Optional):
o The ability to identify below standard steel tubing product
o Experience with industrial preventative maintenance
o Inventory control and/or material handling experience
o Experience operating tractors, trailers, overhead hand-control cranes, magnetic cranes, forklifts, radial arm saws, chain saws, side loader, straddle trucks, shag trucks, or hand tools including banding tools and nail guns
o Two years of relevant shipping or loading experience

Background check and drug screen will be required.

Job Order 999-4

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