Client Services

It is the mission of Premier Staffing to recruit, screen and place qualified individuals in employment positions with client companies that meet both the career objectives of the employee and at the same time satisfy the position requirements of the client. We put as much effort into serving our employees as we do our clients and our satisfaction comes from making that perfect match for the benefit of both. This brochure will explain our services and how we go about accomplishing our mission and fulfilling our passion to be the best in the industry.


Temporary Staffing – can be utilized to fulfill such needs as:

  • Project work Peak periods in business cycle
  • Fill-in for periods of vacation, illness, maternity and other such vacancies of regular employees
  • Seasonal fluctuations in work load
  • Meeting end of the month customer delivery requirements

When the work is done, Premier Staffing will place the employee on a job assignment with another client if available and the employee qualifies. Try Before You Hire – can be an effective way to insure that the employer/employee relationship is a good match. Premier Staffing will recruit, screen and place an individual in a job assignment. If the individual or the client is not satisfied for any reason, Premier Staffing will remove employee from the assignment and fill the client position with another individual if desired. If both employer and employee are satisfied, client may hire employee directly onto its own payroll after contract requirements are satisfied. Payroll Services – are available for clients who want Premier Staffing to employ individuals they have selected but do not want to add to their regular payroll. Assignments may be full-time, part-time, short term or for extended long term situations that may go on indefinitely. Direct Placement – of individuals is a convenient way for clients to let Premier Staffing recruit qualified job candidates for direct placement into clients open positions. Such positions may be for clerical, skilled, unskilled, technical, and professional as well as management assignments. A one-time placement fee would be charged. This service is especially helpful for smaller clients that do not have their own human resource department. We are fully qualified and available to serve large clients as well in their employment process.

Job applicants at Premier Staffing are subject to a thorough screening process. After completing an application form and an initial interview, applicants are tested for a variety of skills depending on the type of position for which they are being considered. Once their skills and qualifications have been verified, a second interview is conducted to discuss specific job assignments. Once selected for an assignment, all employees must pass a five panel drug screen before they are actually accepted for employment. Upon the successful completion of the drug screen, employees attend an orientation to watch safety videos and to better understand the employment rules and guidelines under which we operate and our clients expect, including (safety, pay, schedule, attendance policy, discipline, benefits, etc). We discuss what we expect from them and what they can expect from Premier Staffing. Our overall aim is to build successful relationships that will allow both employer and employee to provide top quality service to our client companies. We encourage our clients to also provide orientation services for our employees that may be specific to the job or company such as (client policies and procedures, safety hazards, dress codes, etc.) that may not have been included in the Premier Staffing orientation.
Once a job order is received from a client, Premier Staffing will recruit and select a qualified individual. Clients may then accept employees referred to them or they may wish to interview and conduct their own selection process before accepting the individual for the assignment. Employment with and through Premier Staffing is “at will” and clients may accept, reject, or terminate the services of referred employees at any time with or without notice and with or without cause. Premier Staffing is an equal opportunity employer and will select and place individuals in job orders regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin or disability. We work only with clients who operate under the same standards. Premier Staffing is the employer of record for individuals assigned to clients for other than direct placement services. Premier Staffing is responsible for withholding and paying payroll taxes, paying employer portions of payroll taxes including Social Security tax, Medicare tax, and state and federal unemployment taxes. Employees are also covered under the Premier Staffing policy for worker’s compensation insurance. The payroll week for Premier Staffing runs from Monday through Sunday. An authorized client supervisor must sign time sheets for employees at the end of each week verifying their time worked. Employees will be paid and clients will be invoiced for time worked on the following Friday. Employees will be paid and clients will be invoiced at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate for all hours worked in excess of 40 during any one week period. Long term employees meeting the hours worked requirements will receive both holiday and vacation pay at no cost to client. Clients may hire Premier Staffing employees after 520 hours on assignment. A conversion fee will be charged for hires if less than 520 hours have been worked. Please consult with your Premier Staffing representative regarding applicable fees and payment terms.

We look forward to partnering with you and providing you with a flexible solution to your staffing needs.
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