Employee Guidelines

Thank you for your interest for employment with Premier Staffing. We hope that we can assist you in your search. The following information is designed to provide you with the rules and guidelines under which we operate. Following these guidelines will better insure a successful relationship between you, Premier Staffing and the clients we serve. Please read all information carefully and ask one of our staff employees for clarification if needed. While on assignment with one of our client companies, you remain an employee of Premier Staffing. Therefore, any problems relating to your work, wages, payroll taxes, work related injuries, etc. must be reported to Premier Staffing. Your employment with us is employment-at-will which means that either you or Premier Staffing may terminate the employment relationship at any time with or without notice and with or without cause.


Premier Staffing is an equal opportunity employer regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin or disability. Contact your branch manager with any questions, problems or complaints relating to this policy.

When you are placed on a job assignment, your time card will be your basic record for payment of wages.

  • The work week runs from Monday through Sunday. You will receive a new time card for each week while on assignment.
  • Time cards must be signed by you and your client supervisor at the end of each week. Cards must be turned in to the Premier Staffing office by Noon on Monday for the previous week worked.
  • Paychecks will be available for pick up at the Premier Staffing office on the following Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00PM. Checks not picked up by 5:00PM will be mailed to your home address unless we have received other instructions from you.

Your hourly rate of pay will vary by job assignment. Time worked over 40 hours per week (Monday through Sunday) will be paid at 1.5 times your regular hourly rate.

Records Notify Premier Staffing if your address or telephone numbers change. If you wish to change your withholding tax rate or other personal data, you must do so at the Premier Staffing office. Attendance Your attendance and punctuality are essential in maintaining a good employment relationship with Premier Staffing and our clients. Please report on time each day you are scheduled to work. You must call the office at least one hour before your scheduled shift at (402) 721-1476 if you are unable to work or if you will be late. A doctors excuse will be required for absences due to illness extending for more than two days. Availability Contact Premier Staffing immediately after completing a job assignment if you are available for further assignments. Failure to report will be considered a voluntary termination and a separation of employment until you renew your application and availability for work.
Premier Staffing provides general safety training for employees in addition to what special training client companies may provide for specific jobs. Please follow all safety guidelines for your own benefit as well as that of others. If you are aware of any safety hazards or violations relating to your job, report it immediately to your working supervisor and to your Premier Staffing representative. If you are injured on the job, get immediate first aid care and report such to your on-site supervisor and to a Premier Staffing representative as soon as possible. Failure to report accidents in a timely manner may result in the loss of medical benefits otherwise available to you.
Premier Staffing is a drug free Company and the use, possession, distribution, sale or being under the influence of any drugs or alcohol on the job or in the workplace is strictly prohibited. All employees placed on a job assignment must pass a drug screen test prior to placement. Employees are also required to be drug tested if injured on the job or for reasonable cause. If you feel you have a drug problem and need help, contact the Premier Staffing branch manager for assistance.
Holidays Employees working at least 1,000 hours during the previous twelve months before a holiday will receive holiday pay. The following are considered paid holidays. New Years Day Memorial Day Labor Day 4th of July Thanksgiving Christmas Employees must work the scheduled day before and after the holiday in order to receive holiday pay. Pay will be based on employee’s current hourly rate and the average number of hours per day worked during the previous six months up to a maximum of eight hours per holiday. Vacation Employees will receive one week of vacation pay if they work 1,500 hours or more during the previous twelve months. Pay will be based on employee’s current hourly rate and the average number of hours per day worked during the previous twelve months up to a maximum of forty hours. Employees are responsible for requesting paid benefits from a Premier Staffing representative when eligibility requirements have been satisfied.

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